Bronze Casting, Blacksmithing & Installations

“I used to play with fire in the circus. There is something primal, visceral in taming that element, dancing and moving with it. I now do it through bronze casting and forging. The intensity, the rawness is still present, but sculpting metal is a slow burn, a long act that has its last second suspended in time indefinitely.”


One-of-a-kind, Limited Editions Series & Commissions


Sandra Bérubé is a French-Canadian metal sculptor and installation artist. Born in Québec, she is now based in Vancouver, Canada. Her bronze & steel artworks includes sculpture, functional art, and large-scale art. Her work has been exhibited in Canada and the USA.

She graduated with Honours in Sculptural Metal at the Kootenay School of the Arts in 2021.

Recipient of multiple awards and grants, the recent grantee from the Canada Council for the Arts currently has several public art pieces installed across British Columbia and exhibited her work internationally. 

Prior to sculpting, Bérubé worked worldwide in both the fashion photography and performance art industries, as a model and a circus performer, in between others, with Cirque du Soleil. When injuries ended her circus career, she craved new ways to express herself and trigger emotions through art. Sculpture became her new means of expression in 2019.

Bérubé’s sculptures are inspired by transformational states and resilience. Drawn to the duality and power of life’s dark periods becoming catalysts for breakthroughs, her sculptural themes tie vulnerability to strength and balance to instability, fluctuating between the playful and the unsettling.



Bronze Casting


Current Shows

Life Is A Circus

Life Is a Circus will be displayed in Vancouver for Lumières Festival in November 2023,

after previous exhibits in Black Rock City, Nevada, USA in August & September 2023, and in Merrit, BC, in July 2023. 

smilodon fatalis

Smilodon Fatalis, Castlegar, British Columbia, 2023-2024 

Think Outside the Box in situ

Think Outside The Box, RosslandBritish Columbia, Canada, 2023-2024